Emantras India


In addition to its online training capabilities, Emantras offers mobile and customized learning solutions. These solutions offer organizations ready to deploy training and learning capabilities across a variety of devices and platforms. All these avenues of learning can be integrated back into the LMS, so that the trainer can view a learner’s performance results across the board.


Mobile Solutions

The biggest advantage mobile learning offers learners and trainers alike is its ability to offer personalized learning, anytime the user is ready for it.

Emantras mobile learning solutions enables trainers to develop and deliver learning materials to users on their devices anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the solution provides tools for trainers to measure user material access, and test learning levels.

For more information: www.mobl21.com


Safety Solutions

Emantras’ Occupational Health and Safety Reporting Solutions (eOHSRS) enables organisations to access safety issues accurately and provide a safe working environment to their employees.

eOHSRS is comprised solutions which include:

For more information: www.safety.emantras.com


Learning Solutions

Emantras designs adaptive platforms that can be used by trainers and educators to help prepare learners for their qualifying tests.

The platform enables the trainer to develop and deliver sample questions and deliver tests to the learner’s mobile, tablet devices or laptop. Management can also monitor performance using in-built reporting and analytics.

For more information: eaceprep.emantras.com