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Emantras seeks to bridge today’s multi-layer access to technology, and be able to provide trainers and enterprises with multi-point touch access to regular content. Emantras is evolving content and learning material creation and delivery capabilities to suit multiple media and platforms, as these can no longer be distributed in a-one-size-fits-all mould.


Emantras strives to deliver a differentiated learning experience across all course development solutions. Our goal is to use our experience in learning and training with our knowledge of technologies, to deliver learning solutions that truly empower learners.

Emantras offers turnkey consulting services that enable you to package and publish learning material to be published on mobile phones, tablets, widgets, gaming devices, and portals, as well as technologies like html5 and flash.


Creative talent to use edtech in a way that delivers proven learning results and award winning solutions

Proven capability using technology and platforms in a way that supports (not limits) the learner

In-depth understanding of training and focus on learning goals



How do you ensure your application operates on all the devices it’s needed? Do you go with flash or html5? Are you ready with a version for the iPad too

Creating a mobile application in today’s multi-device environment can be quite a complicated process. You need consistency of design, standard usability, and speed of operation, while at the same time be able to offer your product at equable price points for all these platforms.

Emantras helps you overcome the tedium of developing to different phone platforms. Our mobile application development strategies enable us to bridge these varied devices without much time or expense investment from you.


Every time a new product hits the market, or a new way of receiving content develops, you need to get your content enabled to work on it. But why spend time reinventing the wheel, when you can future-proof your content so it’s ready to be ported to any device or technology in a snap?

Emantras eLearning services are geared to help organizations take advantage of these changing technologies, engage more users and make learning effective.

Design-to-Publish Content Management

Design-to-Publish Content Management

Get complete control over your learning material. Emantras lets you convert content, create new learning material, manage users, search & reuse material, and publish content to multiple devices.

Creation & Management

Creation & Management

Emantras will convert your existing learning material and provide you with a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can modify and reuse your content easily.

Device Enablement

Device Enablement

Convert any content into device-ready learning material. Just send us your digital content and we’ll work with you to convert it into “digital bites”, which are ready for publishing to the devices you choose.


Application Development

With smartphones now ubiquitous, apps are the new media to reach users on a daily level.

Using expertise in animation and user design, supported by core competencies in educational pedagogies, and industry knowledge, Emantras creates unique apps that cater to any learning requirement.

Emantras specializes in interactive educational apps for iPads, iPhones, iTouches and online, and has released over two dozen apps.


Wherever user meets technology, there exists a potential opportunity for learning. And developments in today’s technologies are altering how content is consumed, forcing learning and training methods to evolve as well.